#WIAW: Move-In Day Approaches!

Happy WIAW :) Its been a while for me…! Life has been *HECTIC*. Like… I started a new full time job which requires 3 hours of commuting daily AND THEN my mechanic broke my engine during a routine oil change AND THEN it was time to move (which requires apartment searching!!!).
Anyway! That’s all behind me now because I found an apartment MUCH closer to my full time job! And its beeee—oootttiful! Yes… packing now is a little bit crazay, but returning to my boring life of routine is in sight! Hooray!

Soooo, shhyeaaa. The eats! That’s what you guys came here for, amiright?

egg muffinsOn the go, I’ve been eating these YUMMY, veggie packed “egg cups.” I based these off of Paleomg’s recipe (because I am totally totally obsessed with Juli Bauer). However, I do not always add sausage or bacon, and add a WHOLE LOTTA veggies to her recipe (like half a package of spinach!).

Always make this delicious breakfast with free range eggs, peoples :)

Soooo, anyway, for lunch I usually eat a HUGEEEE, protein packed salad. I switch between chicken, mediterranean tuna salad (tuna salad made with EVOO instead of mayo) or organic tofu. Then I photo 5 (3)load on the veggies. And sometimes I’ll add some fruit too! Its summer, so I have been craving a tonnnn of fruit. Typical summertime shenanigans, ya know.

Look at my huge, filling salad. All the fiber, nutrient density & protein you could want!

Salad in the summah. What more could you want?

How about burgers in the summa?

Once again, PaleOMG provided us with the mostttt delicious bison burger recipe ya could want. Its reallyyy easy onions in gheepeasy too! Bison, green apples, and arugula with some spices. Thatzzit. I put it over some arugula mixed with diced carrot fries & sauteed onions.

Wait. We need to discuss something. GHEE & ONIONS. ONIONS & GHEE. SAUTEED. Ahhhhh SO SO SO GOOD. I literally ate AN ENTIRE LARGE YELLOW ONION. By myself. I couldn’t stop shoving that allium rich veggie in my pie hole. All thanks to the powers that be ghee.

bison burger

cherries & chocolate

Anyway, this past weekend, I happened to have been abandoned by my boyfriend & all my friends. Literally. I had to work and everyone else went away to some fun, sunny place and left me to my lonesome.

But that’s okay because cherries are in season!

Best way to end your day: Keeping Up with the Kardashian reruns, chocolate & cherries.

The Best Breakfast #JERF #HealthyFood

kashi nutrition labelLet’s be honest. For most people, the word breakfast is synonymous with Wheaties drowned in cow’s milk and a cold glass of orange juice. I know growing up, my staple breakfast was cheerios, milk and raisins. Except for weekends when I’d grab onion bagels thick with cream cheese and a large bottle of Nesquick chocolate milk.

Geeze. Can you say sugar coma?

Before we go any farther, let’s review why even “high fiber” breakfasts like Wheaties and Kashi are no more than just well marketed sugar bombs.

For instance, Kashi’s GOLEAN cereal.

Upon first glance, you may think this is a great choice because, “Wow! 11 grams of protein (more protein than an egg!) and 9 grams of fiber! Only 1.5 grams of fat! ”

So what’s the problem?

Well, the first ingredient on the ingredient list is SOY GRITS. Um, what the heck is a soy grit? I have no clue. And even if I did have the slightest ideas as to what the heck a soy grit was; soy is one of the most genetically modified crops you can find in the great USA. Since Kashi is not Non-GMO Project Verified, and I’m willing to bet that the soy grits, soy protein concentrate and soy protein isolate are all products of genetic modification. Gross.

But, even if you’re not a stickler for GMOs (which you should be!), the “high protein, high fiber” label this cereal touts is not accurate. While 44 calories (25%) are from protein, and 36 calories are from fiber (these calories were already subtracted from the total serving size by the Kashi company), a stark 108 calories (65%!!) of calories are from non-fiber carbohydrate (also known as sugar). When 25% of calories are from GMO sourced soy protein, and 65% of calories are from nutrient poor sugar– I call this a  great source of carbohydrate, not protein. I may add, also, that this breakfast is also a nutrition-loss. WOMP WOMP.

Nutrition-loss or not; it sure is convenient. And I bet you’re doubting that breakfast made from real food can match cereal’s convenience.

Well, lucky for you, I’ve made a list of awesome, nutrient dense foods that are perfect for your morning meal. Some of them require a little work in the kitchen once a week to prepare, while others are fine to make morning-of.

Here are my no- or minimum- preparation needed suggestions:

A green smoothie is ALWAYS a HEALTHIER option than juice!1. Green smoothies! Carrie Brown has a lot of phenomenal recipes, but my personal favorite is: 1/2 an orange, 2 stalks celery, 2 handfuls of spinach, 2-3 inches of cucumber, 10 grapes, ice and some coconut water. Sometimes I mix in some unflavored whey protein for good measure :)

2. Sweet potatoes slathered in almond butter, shredded coconut & cinnamon. (If you use the microwave, a potato takes like 5 minutes to microwave. If you avoid the microwave, then you would have to bake a bunch of potatoes to use throughout the week).

3. Raw Fit mixed with water when I am in a major rush!

4. Grass fed, plain yogurt topped with berries

5. Bulletproof Coffee

6. Hardboiled eggs! Snack on cherry tomatoes or sugar snap peas on the side to get your veggies!

Sweet potatoes and smoothies are portable, which is a really great thing when you commute in the morning such as myself :)

Here are my fave breakfasts– but they require a little bit of work once a week!

1. Egg bakes! This veggie loaded egg bakes makes squares of egg omelet which are sturdy enough to handle like a slice of pizza! Plus, you can squeeze in several servings of veggies!

2. Breakfast on the Go Egg Cups! Great for those of you who are commuting and eating breakfast on the go. Still, a great way to sneak in loads of veggies at breakfast!

3. High quality cheese sandwiches! This is a bit messy, but I highly recommend smoked mozzarella sandwiched with fresh tomato. NOM.

4. Baked eggs in avocado. Just when you thought nothing was a more perfect fit than bacon & eggs…enter avocado. YUM. Loaded with heart healthy monounsaturated fat and satiating fibers, this is one of my FAVORITE BREAKFASTS!

5. Grain free “Banola” (banana sweetened granola sans grains!). I freakin’ love this recipe because it is SO delicious and the texture reminds me of Kashi, but since this is a GREAT source of fat & protein, while being quite low in carb, you’ll actually feel full after a serving of banola!

There you have it, lovely readers! A long list of real food, nutrient packed recipes to start your day right! Feel free to comment with additional ideas or feedback in the Disqus below!

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Non-Nutrition Obseshes this Summer #VSSportBra #VSSportTester

Besides being super duper missing in action, I have been packing to move, commuting like a trillion hours a day, sprinting & lifting because LORD KNOWS I don’t have time for long distance running, and eating lots of real-food-on-the-go. Like sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach smoothies, & ummm… eggs. The cage free, organic kind that DO NOT EAT VEGETARIAN ONLY FEED!

Anywho. I also have found that people love to know dietitian’s opinions on things that do not pertain to food a veces.

photo 4Like sunblock?

I’m freckly. I know a thing or two about sunblock. First of all, have you heard of the iPhone application named Skin Deep by the Environmental Working Group? Its pretty cool. You can scan barcodes of topical products to measure their purity based off a tally of the ingredients’ hazards & how they relate to other products on the market. Zero is da bomb while ten is the worst.

I love Badger Sunscreen for my body (its a zero or a one) and Andalou Naturals for my face (a zero!).

If you’re curious about skin care/decorating routines which I have no clue whether they are photo (63)beneficial to my health or not, let’s talk about LuLu DK’s fantastic jewelry tattoos.

They are fab. Like. I wish I was an alien who could cover every inch of her skin in glitter!!!

Look how fab my arm looks (and how freakin’ fierce I look haha).

The highlight of my summer, however, has been my new Victoria Secret sports bra*!!

photo 3 (3)I love when workout clothes make you want to get out the door and SWEAT. And it helps when said workout attire is ADORBS but have freakin’ incredible structure and support. I promise you that you will have zero jiggle, but still look just as cute as the girls rockin’ the expensive Lululemon. Lululemon’s great and all, but I love me a good deal (and for like $50, Victoria Secret’s sport bras are an absolutely awesome deal!)!


Sprints? No prob. Box jumps? Perfectly supported. Yoga? You know the girl behind me is jealz of my cute sport bra.

photo 1 (8)Anyway, rockin’ the cutest sport bra ever makes it really easy to say “YES!” to sprints on the track after a long commute (and Lawdy knows I need all the motivation I can get!).

* Victoria’s Secret did send me a free sport bra for review. However, my opinions are of my own, and I certainly would never, ever, ever lie to my lovely readers!


What non-nutrition fads are you rockin’ as of late? Whats your fave tip for sun protection?? 




The Latest & Greatest Contribution to Girls Gone Sporty! #GlutenFree #WayToBe


Compliments of Girls Gone Sporty!

Potato chips are gluten free… so they MUST be healthy, right?!

Check out my latest article on Girls Gone Sporty to hear more on my rationale for limiting gluten in the diet.

I do not consider myself “gluten free” namely because:

1) I do not have immediate, apparent adverse reactions to gluten.

2) I do not think regularly choosing “gluten free” alternatives (ie. Gluten free cookies/cakes/breads/pastas) are really all that healthy… an option many “gluten free” people pursue.

However, I do agree that gluten should be limited in the diet, and limit it as such in my own.

Check out why on Girls Gone Sporty!

Liz Wolfe’s Eat the Yolks Book Review (#Eattheyolks @realfoodliz)

photo 2 (5)You know what really stinks about great books? When they’re newly released, tons of buzz builds… but then, a mere few months after the release, the buzz starts to fade. Word of mouth and book store displays thereafter are the only way to “bump” into a great book, and, not gona’ lie, I do not frequent bookstores (Amazon obsesh).

So I want to breathe some buzz back into the best book I have ever, ever, ever read.

Okay, actually, this isn’t better than The Time Traveler’s Wife (which is a science fiction, romance novel which I have reread around 90 times). But considering this book is about nutritional science, and it comes pretty darn close to being as great as Time Traveler’s, I’d say that’s a freakin’ fabulous feat.

The book I am so enthusiastically recommending is Liz Wolfe’s Eat the Yolks.

 Its. Freakin. Funny. (Oh yeah, and informative).

Liz shatters nutrition myths, explains the reason we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking egg whites are healthier than egg yolks (BLASPHEMOUS!), and makes you giggle. As a gal with a college degree in nutritional sciences, I can confidently tell ya that I didn’t think it was possible to giggle whilst learning about nutrition. But Liz Wolfe is that good.

photo 3

Dear egg whites, YOLKS ON YOU!

Besides cracking jokes, Liz shares details of nutritional sciences that go unmentioned in popular culture because they’re “details.” However, these details are so damn important that it’s embarrassing that our culture has swept them under the rug. In a world where calories and macronutrients are king, the movement towards seeking “nutrient dense” foods (I’m sure you’ve heard me throw that term around a time or two!) is just starting to make headway in popular culture, and Eat the Yolks is a fabulous way to inject some nutrition related “Come-to-Jesus” into our fat phobic, calorie crazed world.

Egg Hash

Yolks and I get along quite well!

Some of the awesome and unique topics she covered included a detailed description of the role of UVA versus UVB light in the development of skin cancer, insight into why getting vitamins & minerals from whole food sources trumps pills/tablets, information on the different fatty acids (mono versus poly versus saturated vs trans) and why saturated fat isn’t the devil, as well as a litany of information on forgotten micronutrients such as sulfur and selenium. As a person who spends, ohhhh let’s say, 94% of her free time reading about/researching/listening to nutrition-related-everything, the fact that I came away from this book feeling like I learned something is fabulous. The fact that I also laughed hard enough to feel like I watched an episode of The Mindy Project was even more fabulous.

I’m not a follower of the paleo diet, but Liz’s book is about real food not paleo-dogma. I simply loved this book. And once I share this one little quote, you will to:

“If you leave this literary masterpiece with just one delicious tidbit, let it be this one: The calories in natural, unprocessed, real foods are more than just calories. They’re full of more magic than a Disney Princess convention. They come with nutrients that makes us healthier, stronger and more beautiful.”

Want to learn how to incorporate nutrients that will make you Disney-Princess-Status in your real life? GO BUY LIZ’S BOOK AND LEARN FROM IT. DUH. (And no, this is not an affiliate link, just a true, blue review because this book is that good.)

A Rant on #BodyFat #BodyWeight & Why We All Need to CHILL OUT ALREADY (Aka- Where’s the self love?!)

I feel a rant coming on. Whoops, sorry but not sorry.

Does this selfie make me look fat? Oh wait, I don't care what you think. #LongHairDon'tCare

Does this selfie make me look fat? Oh wait, I don’t care what you think. #LongHairDon’tCare

Okay, so here goes. I am sick and tired of insignificant numbers dictating people’s perception of health. Body fat percentages, body weights, BMI, total cholesterol… WHO CARES!? These numbers are no more than numbers, and they have little way of measuring the health of unique, beautiful you.

Did you know that a weight loss of a mere 5% can yield dramatic improvements in health? It dramatically reduces your risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease… and yet, no one seems to appreciate the incredible benefits of this small change, because of a fixation on achieving a body fat percentage of 2% or losing exactly 43 pounds or whatever.

I get it. I know that having a goal is motivating (for some) and can help you on your health journey. And I respect that. Use whatever tools work for you, but please, please, please stay rational.

So what do I think are important measures of health?

How you feel about yourself, your energy levels, measures of inflammation, and, for those of us in our reproductive years, whether you’re fertile (I know, this last one’s a little weird, but bear with me for a sec). A combination of all these things influence true health.

In regards to how you feel about yourself, guess what? This is totally up to you, meaning its totally subjective; and not your nutritionist, your trainer, your significant other or anyone should impact how much you love your figure and shape, no matter what your weight or body fat percentage.

my butt is big

Besides the heinous spelling error (*AMBASSADOR!), I love this Tumblr image. Numbers can’t reflect a person’s strength, athleticism, or overall health. #NoJudgement

That said, our personal perception of the perfect weight should also be influenced by how energized we feel day-to-day. For those who feel more comfortable in their skin at a very low body weight or when they’re extra voluptuous, power to ya’! But are you waking up everyday with the energy to take on life full speed ahead? Having too low of a body fat percentage or too high can disrupt hormonal balance which may make you moody, fatigued and generally no-fun-to-hang-around. Yuck.

Eat real foods. Drink water. Be honest with yourself.

Now, I said it once, and I’ll say it again; I don’t like numbers! However! Clinical markers of inflammation can be measured by your doc, and they do mean something! C-reactive protein, high triglycerides, high Hemoglobin A1C, troponins and elevated liver enzymes can all suggest something in your diet (or something else) is hurtin’ your body. You can be slim as a washboard, but if your triglycerides or hemoglobin A1C are elevated, you can bet there’s a lot of systemic inflammation within you caused by sugar consumption. See, body weight is not the end all, be all of health.

Last, but certainly not least, we come to the topic of fertility and reproduction (“REPRODUCTION! PUT YOUR POLLEN TUBE TO WORK!” Remember that song from Grease 2?). Now, whether you intend on being the next octo-mom or have zero desire to produce offspring, protecting your body’s ability to reproduce should always be of the utmost importance. Think about it. When you’re healthy, your body doesn’t have to “worry” about basic bodily functions and, thus, can enjoy the “luxury” of trying to produce new human life. Along those lines, we have evolved over billions of years to support survival of the fittest, thus it makes sense that unhealthy bodies are biologically incapable of reproducing. Whether you’re missing periods due to abnormally low or high body fat, due to stress, or due to physical activity; fertility should be factored into your personal definition of the “health equation.” Also, sex drive is an important indicator of health, as it also suggests your body is healthy enough to support the creation of new human life. Well, duhhh.

021All in all, I do not wish to body shame anyone, instead I hope to simply add a little depth to the all-too-common perception of what “health” and a “healthy body weight” looks like. I’ve heard numerous individuals make claims that a woman’s ideal body fat percentage is “such-and-such,” or that a healthy older man should have a BMI of “yadda-yadda,” but I simply do not agree. Genetics, personal goals, energy levels, and more all add up to true health (and it does not look the same for every person!!). A great example includes ethnic disparities among BMIs, such that African Americans are often perfectly healthy at high BMIs, while Asians may suffer from chronic disease even when within the “normal” BMI range!

Bottom line; forget what I have to say about this. Forget what your mom, your boyfriend, your best friend has to say about healthy weight. Evaluate yo’self for yourself. You’re the best person to ask!

/end rant :)

Ion Bank Cheshire Half Marathon #RaceReview

Holla all!!

So if you’re paying attention, you may notice that this isn’t yet another fabulous review of the Jersey Shore Half Marathon, even though that was the race I’ve been training for. With the start of a new full time job, my schedule has been crazay, and I simply didn’t feel like making the hike to Jerzz for less than 24 hours just to race, since I knew there was a perfectly awesome half being held less than 30 minutes from my abode. Soooo… Saturday morning I signed up for the third annual Ion Bank Cheshire Half Marathon. Ya know… just flying by the seat of my pants over here.

Anyway! I missed my annual Jersey Shore Half (I had done the half or full every year the last 5 years!), especially since its as flat as it is scenic, but it was fun to experience a new race!!


The Ion Bank Cheshire Half didn’t have an expo (although I wouldn’t have gone even if they did, since it was such a last second decision!), but they did have a fun little “festival” going on before and after the race. Loads of healthy living vendors were available before the race to provide free trinkets (water bottles, reusable shopping bags, running fuel), prizes and information about preventing injury/improving health. They also had an awesome massage table set up, which I didn’t get to experience, but it looked heavenly. 

Fueling up with energybits before the race!

Fueling up with energybits before the race!

There were also loads of free bagels, bananas and yogurt being given out even before the race had started. There were children’s races (a 400 meter and 800 meter) going on before the race and listening to the announcer detail the happenings of the kiddy races was really amusing and calming while I was warming up.

The Weather- It was a freakin’ beautiful day temperature wise. High 40s/low 50s and cloudy is a little warmer than I like it, but I was happy considering that this race is taking place a few days before the start of May! There was, however, an annoying amount of wind.

The Course- 
I actually really, really liked this course, however, had I known I was preparing to run this race, I would have been doing a wee bit more hill work in the weeks prior. Alas, switching races was my idea, so I’m not going to bias my opinion of the course as a consequence :)

The course mostly consisted of rolling hills through Cheshire, which is a pretty, suburban town decorated with colonials and farm land, and a 3.5 mile, fairly flat stint through the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. I loved  running through the trails because it was shady, scenic (it runs along a little river), flat and I could see what was coming up next. When running through the neighborhoods, I never knew if I was about to turn a corner to go up a huge hill, which totally messes with my running-zen, ya know what I mean?

The last three miles however is a lot of rolling hills, which is a cruddy way to end a half marathon. The last 400 meters is flat, however, and you can visualize the end, which always helps me kick it to the end. This race actually ends with 300 meters on a track, which I loved!!

The Crowd- Considering how small this race was (around 2000 people!), the crowd’s enthusiasm was awesome. There were several bands along the course, groups of high school sports teams at water stations cheering and miscellaneous spectators. This wasn’t a huge race, so I wasn’t expecting a huge crowd, but the scenic views compensated for the lack of screaming fans (for me, at least!).

photo 2 (3)The Finisher Awards- All I have to say is, ‘eh.’ Not awesome, but it was nice that they provided a finished medal to each person!

I also won first place in my age group 25-29 (and was 8th female overall!), so I got a little special trophy at the awards ceremony as well, which was really, really, stupendidly nice!!

Kiss My TrophyPost Race- What an awesome finish for such a small race. Beside finishing on the track, they were giving out pizza, subway sandwiches, bananas, water bottles and full bottles of Gatorade like cray. It was awesome… and I mayyyy have had three slices of pizza (whoops!).

Overall, Ion Bank Cheshire Half Marathon was freakin’ awesome. It was sad not being in Jersey for my usual flat-as-a-pancake race, but it was thrilling to know that I have such an awesome small town race so close to my home in CT. And I will definitely consider running again next year!!!

Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses #FatLoss Foe or Friend?

In an effort to get skinny for summer, I’ve been noticing a lot of juicing going on.

This is gona’ be short and sweet: Juicing is silly. Short term, very low calorie diets (which is exactly what subsisting off juice and juice alone requires) will provide a rapid weight loss because you’re reducing calorie intake in the short term. As soon as you go back to your usual daily fare, the weight will return, and if you “juice” too frequently, the result may be a slower metabolism resulting in a rebound weight gain exceeding your initial weight.

Como say wha??

Think about it. If you’re fasting by consuming less calories than your body requires, then your body slows down to compensate! Its a “survival of the fittest” tactic that we all wish we didn’t have genetically programmed within us, but we do! Slowing down your metabolism is not the way to go if you’re trying to get slim for summer.

If you love the convenience of juice; may I suggest smoothies?

Grass fed, low sugar, flavored whey protein powder blended with spinach (I swear you cannot taste the spinach!), berries and some coconut milk is all you need to give your body the calories and protein it needs to rev metabolism while still having all the convenience of your low calorie, convenient, cold pressed juice.

#WIAW– New Job, New Commute, & A Half Marathon this Sunday!!

010 So I’m starting off this week’s WIAW with a picture of cannister of coffee. What can I say? Its spring, I started a new full time job last week (And yes! I am still seeing and accepting clients for my practice, Serena Marie RD, as well :D), and I loveeee me some iced coffee. Last week I had two newly diagnosed diabetics come to me admitting that their latest and greatest sinful treat was a large Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts. Ya know I love me some iced coffee, so I was curious to check out whether the “Coolatta” was as bad as my patients were makin’ it sound. Um, and then I nearly died when I saw a large Coolatta has ONE HUNDO-TWO GRAMS of SUGAR and 860 calories! HOLY CRAPPOLA! You can imagine how psyched I was to recommend Trader Joe’s Coffee a Cocoa blended with ice and coconut milk as an alternative. No, its not as sweet as the sugar-bomb that is DD’s Coolatta, but its sweet enough and full of anti-oxidants and medium chain triglycerides (which may rev fat burning in the bod!). Spinach pancakes I promise, however, that I do more than sip coffee for breakfast. I’ve been waking up starved lately… all the awesome daylight has had me doing wayyy more walking and running and vinyasa yoga (because I love walking/running to my yoga class!).  I alsoooo have had to learn how to eat breakfast on the go, since I now commute to my aforementioned new job. Hence, spinach pancakes have come into existence. I simple take Juli Bauer’s banana pancake recipe and add fresh spinach. BAM! Veggie loaded goodness (and, no! You cannottttt taste the spinach at all! They taste like vanilla and banana, yum). mrs greens salad chickpeas fetaFor lunch I enjoyed a colorful salad chock full of chickpeas, sprouts, chicken, red onions, feta, tomato and cucumbers! A salad this jam packed with flavorful veggies and seasonings does not require any dressing :) photo 1 For dinner I “treated” myself to Annie Chun’s gluten free rice noodles** and CestSiBonMD’s spicy basil tofu dish. I’m running a half marathon this Sunday, so I’m eating more carbs than usual! The rice noodles were delicious (I eat noodles and pasta so rarely– its always the most delicious treat!) and the spicy flavor of the tofu recipe rocked. Just remember to always buy organic tofu :) And choose coconut aminos instead of soy sauce if you’re avoiding gluten!!

That’s it for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by :) Wish me lots of luck in the half marathon this weekend and at my new full time job-a-roo!! <3

** Formula PR did send me Annie Chun food products for my review, however I will receive no additional compensation for recommending their product to you. All opinions are my own and I would never, ever recommend a product I would not eat myself!


Mediterranean Eggplant Bake #Recipe #VeggiePower


I am so happy! And I bet you are, as well! Are you spending WAY more time outside now? Before you know it, we’ll be enjoying loads of vitamin D & time in our bathing suits!

If bathing suit season is giving you more anxiety than pleasure, then its time to get serious about increasing the amount of veggies in your diet. The best strategy to decrease inflammation and your waistline is to make some really simple swaps. Take a little less pasta and help yourself to a double (or triple!) serving of veggies. (Hey, I won’t complain if you want to skip the pasta altogether!)

Anyways, I probably won’t be posting very much the next few weeks. I’m making a really big life transition which is bound to take up a lot of time (and its a great thing, because its a really exciting transition!), but my blogging time is going to be down to nill. That said, be sure to peruse the Recipe section of my site to keep your life occupied with loads of healthy, fat burning recipes in the interim!

Mediterranean Eggplant Bake #Recipe

Mediterranean Eggplant Bake #Recipe


  • 1 egglant, diced
  • 2 tomatoes, diced
  • 1 pepper (red/yellow/orange), diced
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 garlic cloves, crushed
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 tsp each of:
  • sage
  • parsley
  • garlic powder
  • red pepper
  • 3 Tablespoon pine nuts
  • Half a lemon, juiced
  • Parmesan cheese **optional**


  1. Preheat oven to 400*F.
  2. Lay out non-stick foil, large enough to fold over itself.
  3. Place the eggplant, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers in the foil. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top, and toss to coat.
  4. Add sage, red pepper, parsley, & garlic powder. Add pine nuts & top with lemon juice. Toss again.
  5. Fold over the foil to create a foil "packet."
  6. Place in preheated oven and let cook for 45 minutes. If you prefer a mushier, softer (more dip-like) eggplant, leave in for 1hr 15 min.
  7. Remove from oven and open the foil packet carefully! Hot steam will release.
  8. Top with parmesan cheese and more pine nuts, if desired.
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