Eggplant Paninis- Easy #Recipe for #FatBurning Machines

You know what I love? Cheese. Melted, gooey-ooey cheese. And  you know what else I love? Healthy snacks that can be eaten on the move.

We’ve all had those moments. Our day & healthy eats are perfectly planned when BAM!!! The world falls apart and you need to be in thirty places at once all in the span of 20 seconds. Oh, and you’re starved. That never makes anything easier.

Instead of grabbing the secret stash of granola bars and shrugging your shoulders, throwing your fat burning/healthy living efforts to the gods of discord; you can smile slyly… “Ah yes, I have eggplant paninis. Thank you very much, god of discord, for the curb ball which I am about to hit outta’ the park!”

The eggplant in this recipe can be prepared, sans fixins’, and left in the fridge to be used as a bread-substitute for days you need to make a turkey sandwich ASAP sans starch, or you can pre-prepare these yummy-babes and reheat for a grab-and-go snack later!

*Adapted from here




  • Angela
    Posted at 21:44h, 13 October Reply

    why do you immerse the eggplant first in water?

  • Serena Hunt RDN CD-N
    Posted at 09:17h, 14 October Reply

    To make it soak in the flavor of the salt & decrease the bitter flavor some eggplants have (especially if you’re using a very seedy eggplant!). Thanks for reading! :)

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