Run Fast, Feel Fast FOOD! Sweet Potato, #Coconut #FeedYourSpeed Fuel (#Recipe #Runchat #JERF)

I’m not sure which is more important for me, training my legs or gut to handle the high intensity speed & endurance race-day demands.

As a “life long” runner, I’ve had my fair share of gastrointestinal woes on the race course. In my younger years, I would fast for hours before a run to avoid gastrointestinal upset…which led to huge weight loss, loss of energy & a constant fatigue. Its impossible to eat enough calories to fuel health, speed and muscle protein synthesis when you’re fasting for hours a day… no bueno!

Lucky me, I’ve now realized that my gut requires some simple pre-run modifications: avoid huge meals, avoid high fiber grains (nowadays I avoid all grains usually, so this is simple) & avoid artificial sweeteners/sugar alcohols.

But I also, personally, prefer to feel a certain way prior to a hard run or race. I don’t want to be hungry…because that just feels so stressful, but I also don’t want to be full because that makes me feel heavy which makes me feel slow.

Enter coconut! A REAL FOOD filled with satiating, medium chain fatty acids– which are rapidly absorbed and converted into energy unlike long chain fatty acids traditionally consumed in meats, dairy, etc.
photo (59)Coconut plus starchy veggie worked phenomenally on my longest run before race day November 17 (WOOO PHILLY MARATHON WOOOOO!!!), so I plan on sticking to this combo like PB on carrots (wait, am I the only one who dips their carrots in peanut butter…?).

This NOMMY, FAST, and EASY-PEASY to make recipe is perfect for pre- intense runs/track workouts or long distance running. It digests quickly but kept me sated for 13 miles of my long run when eat 2 hours pre-workout (hooray!).  Its sweet & if you keep it liquidy enough, you could probably throw it in a thermos and drink it if you’re on-the-go. Did I mention its really sweet & yummy?!?



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