#Grainfree Apple Crumble #Recipe (with midsection shrinking omega-3s!)

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Grain Free Apple Crumble Recipe

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed (like, let’s say, if you live in Florida and what I’m about to say isn’t true for you), but its freezing outside.

All the time.

And I loveee piping hot food when its cold outside.

Like seriously. I love my food really, really hot. Burning hot. Its the one thing my boyfriend and I don’t have in common (okay, maybe there’s more than one thing, but this is obvi the point of greatest contention). When he reheats food, he reheats it to room temperature. I, on the other hand, want my food scorching. I don’t really understand what’s wrong with him. Lukewarm food is gross.

Anyway that just brings me back to my original point which is that hot food is delish. And hot applesauce, is tooo dieee foorrrr. This recipe is sort of crunchy, like an apple crumble, but sans grains or bread or the pain-in-the-butt of having to make grain-free bread from scratch. Yo’ welcome.


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  • GiGi Eats Celebrities
    Posted at 09:48h, 24 December Reply

    OMG I would NOT be able to stop at just one bite…. Almond butter, apples, vanilla, cinnamon! BAHHH! So goood!

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