#WIAW (re: What I Ate the Weekend at the #Ashram!!)


Two weekends ago the boyfrand and I ventured to the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in upstate New York. I was totally in love with the place. Set in the middle of the Catskill Mountains, 100 miles outside of NYC, this place literally emitted peace, happiness and serenity. My grandmother has been sick lately, so peace, happiness and serenity was exactly what I needed.

Joshua and I were welcomed Friday evening to a night meditation session called Satsang. Funny enough, satsang literally includes “sitting” (as in, I sat) & meditating for 30 minutes in complete silence (Indian style!) & then singing (as in, I sang) along to a chant (no worries, chant books 110were provided). It was a weird experience, but it was also truly wonderful. After hours of traveling through CT’s infamous traffic, I had arrived weary, but the transition from Satsang‘s silent meditation to the joyful song of Satsang made me smile. It is amazing how pretty thirty, non-musical voices can sound when accompanied by a famous yoga instructor’s beautiful voice, named Prahlada, and numerous tambourines or other noisemakers.  I went to bed happy & calm. It was wonderful.

We started our day at Sivananda Yoga Ranch the same way we ended it; with Satsang. Afterwards two hours of intense Hatha yoga followed, taught

Crema the sacred cow!

by Prahlada himself!!! I stood in handstand by
for the first time ever that day and held crow pose for the longest I’ve ever managed. The beautiful energy of Sivananda truly gave me strength and focus I’ve never possessed prior.

Okay, okay, but now let’s get to what you really came for…the food. Included in the rate (besides yoga and satsang) were two organic, local vegetarian all-you-can-eat meals daily. Ahhhhh!!! I cannot express to you how incredibly yummy all this locally sourced organic fare was!!!!

Don’t believe me? Check this ‘ish out for yo’self.

Okay, so I admit, I never had any clue what the heck I was eating, but it didn’t matter, because everything was superb.


This here is breakfast. Cabbage topped with lentils, kale salad, mashed sweet potatoes, chickpea stew and oatmeal loaded with peanut butter, raisins, and fresh milk. Sort of a weird assortment for breakfast, but mind you that this “breakfast meal” comes after four hours of meditation and yoga.  Its well earned, and it has to tie you over until dinner. Luckily, there was tons of food for seconds.


Everything was so good…I think I had like three portions of the beets!!



And the grand finale, mashed (?) chickpeas, salad topped with cucumber yogurt dressing, kale and honeyed carrots served with oatmeal loaded with peanut butter and raisins! Ahhh… the yoga, the tranquility and the quality time with the boyf were all WONDERFUL, but the food was seriously PHENOMENAL!  ANYWAY, I highly recommend Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch!!

Happy WIAW!! :)



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