#WIAW: Wintry Wundry Eats and #BroccolivsKale

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Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

I am writing this on Tuesday night… also known as the day after a blizzard and the day before a blizzard.

Geeze, there’s been a whole lotta snow in CT! Right in time for the commencement of my serious half marathon training schedule!!! But I’ll complain about that another day :)

Do you loveee the photo of my friends, Brocclyn, and me above? Oh yes, I’m so die-hard obsessed with veggies nowadays that I actually name them and bring them to NYC when I get my hair did. Heh :) Or maybe that pic was snapped as part of a piece I wrote for a certain awesome co-op with a mission to make broccoli cool again. Or maybe I did it because I am trying to be cool again. You may never know.

Okay, right, so food!

My favorite breakfast this week I actually do not have a photo for… boooo!!! I knowwww! But post-shoveling snow plus early morning-ness does not a focused brain make! ANYWAY, I cannn tell you what it is! I am OBSESSED with stuffing one of these awesome, homemade plantain wraps with scrambled pastured, organic eggs, avocado and iceberg lettuce. The wraps are super easy to make and are sooo pliable! They’re the best tortilla substitutes ever! And having a good ole’ breakfast wrap after a morning of trudging through snow makes my day a little brighter :)

feb 2014 057

Anyway, all that perfection of balancing fat, carb and protein at breakfast has majorly decreased by snackage. In fact, I’ve been eating lunch later than usual lately, I’m that full!  This may be a problem, since I love snacking, but I’ll just call it a great way to improve productivity (less snacking= more typing!)

When I do get around to lunch… I’m one happy camper because lunch this week has been to-die-for delish! Check out my venison sausage stew… made with kale, carrots, red onions, garlic and pepperocini. Nom. Nom. All the noms! :)


feb 2014 117And last, but certainly not least, this wouldn’t be a post written midst the snowiest week of my life without some homemade soup, am I right? I made a nommy, healthified Italian soup with some canned/frozen veggies and venison burg! Chock full of organic kidney beans, canned organic tomatoes, a broccoli/zucchini/carrot/cauli frozen medley and Italian spices, this soup was satisfying and totally hit the spot during this cold and wintry week!!!!!

Bahhh :) I love warm, satisfying wintery foods, but I’d trade them any day of the week for some spinach smoothies and some watermelon! Where for arth thou, spring?!!?!

(Too soon to whine, I know!)

A warm (heh, get it?!) thanks to Jenn for hosting!




  • GiGi Eats Celebrities
    Posted at 23:16h, 05 February Reply

    I ADORE VENISON! It’s completely under rated! Hardly anyone ever eats it or knows about it, but it’s so lean and mean and DELICIOUS!

    • Serena Hunt RDN CD-N
      Posted at 12:24h, 07 February Reply

      ME TOO!!! :) I’m lucky that my boyfriend’s family hunts and always has plenty of venison to share!

      Thanks for commenting!

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