#MondayMotivation: Leftovers to Get Lean #Crockpot

Leftovers to get lean? Yes! Making enough leftovers to make it through a hangry attack?Eh, much easier said than done.

Enter: Slow cooked meals.

Can I have some-moa' barbacoa?

This is one of those sort of passe bits of advice when it comes to healthy living. Everyone *knows* that prepping and making enough leftovers to last several meals is the best way to do this whole healthy eating thang, but I think a lot of people struggle with it. If you’re one person, its hard to rationalize spending the money to buy enough ingredients for two to four people. And its even harder to spend the time making two pounds of chicken breasts, when all you really want it one or two chicken breasts for dinner that night. If you’re more than one person, then its already hard enough to find the time to cook for a family for ONE night, let alone several…

Which is why the slow cooker is so freakin’ awesome. Sure, you still have to spend the 044mula on the ingredients, but all the work is done for you. Throw in some sort of liquid median (whether be it broth, water, vinegar, tomato sauce, whatevs), a full hunk of meat (no need to dice it/cut it/whatever), spices, and veggies (and, yes, its okay to use undiced/chipped carrots, celery, whatever) and wait while the dish slowly becomes a tender marriage of the ingredients. Slow cooked veggies become juicy succulent morsels which easily yield to your fork/knife, despite you completely neglecting the process of chopping/dicing ’em. The meat also will easily yield to your utensil, despite spending zero time marinating it or processing it.

So yes, I adore my crock pot. If you’re the type who dislikes eating the same leftovers day-in and day-out then I highly recommend you invest in some awesome tupperware. Start freezing leftovers into individual portions, and create your own freezer full of ready-to-eat frozen meals (which will be 9828191 times healthier and more satiating than Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice). In two weeks time, you’ll have a freezer filled with variety and healthiness. No excuses, guys, I want you eating like a champ. Spring is fast approaching!

040I’ll start you out with a few fave recipes, but I seriously believe the crock pot can make anything taste bomb-diggity. The other day I literally threw together some random ingredients, set the crockpot on low for 8 hours, and was shocked by how delicious my spur-of-the-moment recipe of ingenuity was.

So do it. Spend the thirty to forty bucks on the best cooking tool known to man. I am so glad I did!

Recipe suggestions? How about Balsamic Chicken with Pears & Portabellas, The Best Chili EVER, this yummy, hardy Italian roast or this delicious Barbacoa!


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