#WIAW The Snow is Neverending

march 2013 photos 082Happy What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)!!


Its cray. I am like drowning in snow. The other day I FELL getting out of my car. If a perfectly healthy [nay, I’d say fantastically healthy…look who we’re talking about here ;-) ] gal can’t stay healthy and safe in this weather then we’ve got a problem. And there’s no hope in the horizon…. cause a huge snowstorm’s ah’brewin’ tonight. YIKES.

While I can’t promise that I won’t slip on black ice and die anytime soon… I can tell you I’ve been on my boost my immune system GAME! With breakfast every morning I’ve had either sauerkraut or a different fermented veggie. For instance, fermented ginger carrots has been the flavor of the week as of late, along with my usual egg bake. Fermented veggies have over 600 strains of different bacteria, which means my immune system is getting an awesome boost every single morning, since ~70% of your immune system is in your gut! This week’s egg bake, FYI, was turkey, cottage cheese, leeks, onions with garlic powder. Its actually pretty salty, and I probably won’t make this combo again.

028ANYWAY, onto more delicious things!

Lunch was a delicious concoction of homemade lentil soup, carrots, kale and a sprinkle of parm cheese. This was heavenly. I was cold and hungry, and this soup made me warm and full. Yay for happy food memories!!

I was hungry again a few hours later and had a sweet potato slathered in almond butter, vanilla and cinnamon. And! True to my immune boostin’ crusade, I had a side of a few ounces of ginger kombucha diluted with water. Kombucha is also loaded with healthy bacteria to colonize your gut and fill you with immune boosting health. I work in a hospital on the daily, but I be like “Flu don’t live here no mo’!” Ya know?

032Anyways, ever obsessed with PaleOMG, I totally dove head first into her almost-5-ingredient spaghetti pie.






This is really good. REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD.

WAHHHH I WANT SUMMER. But instead I’ll stalk others’ WIAW posts and drool over nommy food :)

  • Tiff
    Posted at 08:31h, 12 February Reply

    Mmmm, gonna’ have to check out that spaghetti pie!

    • Serena Hunt RDN CD-N
      Posted at 08:54h, 12 February Reply

      ITS REALLY GOOD (if I didn’t emphasize that already, lol!). My boyfriend ate like the entire thing!
      Plus, its super simple to make :)

  • Jennifer Yoder
    Posted at 13:37h, 12 February Reply

    One of these days, I WILL put almond butter on a sweet potato. I’ve been sweet potatoless for far too long. The madness must end!

    • Serena Hunt RDN CD-N
      Posted at 23:25h, 12 February Reply

      AGREED! Especially since its the *most* heavenly experience! Thanks for reading! :)

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