#PaleoToGo Review: Best e-Book Ever for a Busy Bee #Foodie

Let’s get real for a hot second here.
(Because, ya know, usually I am so inauthentic)
paleo to goEating nutrient dense, real food is a pain in the you-know-what. Yeah, I said it. There’s a ton of times when I want to throw my hands in the air and order a pizza or nosh on brownie bites instead of having to use my brain to find real food in this junk food world we inhabit.
But eating crappola simply isn’t an option for me. Its as simple as that. And when that becomes one of your truths, something you absolutely refuse to stray from, then things like pizza and brownies become something in the background you barely notice, and you can focus all your attention on real food.
That said, photo 5 (5)when I was commuting two and a half hours everyday (!!!!!) just a mere two months ago, I was surriously in the trenches of “Real Life: Its Hard to Eat Healthy Food When You’re Constantly Traveling.” If only I had had this amazingly awesome e-book, Paleo To Go: Meals & Snacks for Work, School and Travel by Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry, back then (Stacy!!! WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG TO RELEASE THIS GEM?!).
Side note: Do you guys know who Stacy Toth is? She’s the co-host along with Sarah Ballantyne to one of my most favorite podcasts, The Paleo View. I love them because they’re very family-centric in their approach to nutrition, and since I am childless but frequently counsel those with kiddos, I love their real life advice for feeding kids nutritious foods. Also, they’re funny, informative & super smart. You should totally subscribe. And then you should subscribe to The Running Lifestyle Show, because I’m a weekly guest every Friday, and you know you love me.
Anyway, back to the e-book
Before I delve into some of the mouthwatering, easy, kid friendly recipes Stacy & Matt lend to Paleo To Go readers; let me just state first things first. I love this e-book even though I do not eat a Paleo diet (I eat a REAL FOOD diet). Why am I stating this? WELL, just because you do not follow a Paleo diet, does not mean you will not flippin’ LOVE this e-book! 
paleo to go promo2Anyone who is busy, packs lunches, needs a snack for their gym bag or has a cram-packed schedule can absolutely benefit from Stacy & Matt’s advice & portable recipe suggestions. 
Paleo To Go begins with a brief story as to how eating real food has benefited every member of Stacy’s beautiful family: from baby to momma. If you had any real food doubts, their story totally helps reinforce the power of a real food diet. However, the rest of the intro gives really awesome practical advice on how to pack a grain free/Paleo lunchbox, ideas for portable and Paleo convenience snacks, simple swaps for kids (and grown ups!) with allergies, and even suggestions for BPA free but kid-safe lunchboxes or food containers! They really covered it all! My favorite part of the beginning section of Paleo To Go was the author’s focus on packing portable lunches/snacks that have a balance of satiating protein, natural fat & nutrient rich carb (which I talk all about in my article for GGS!). Stacy & Matt clearly know their stuff!
paleo to go promoAnyway, obvi the best part of the e-book is the plethora of freakin’ easy-to-make, PORTABLE recipes which are kid-appropriate (aka… even picky eaters will enjoy these recipes!). Some of the ones I cannot wait to try include homemade black olive tapenade (serve with sweet potato chips), beef bacon sliders (YUM!), homemade “energy bars” (sort of a knock-off of Epic bars, although these actually sound yummier!), flourless fudgey brownie bites (can’t wait to be done with my sugar detox to make these!) and homemade gelatin jigglers (these make me think of gummy bears from my childhood!). 
I’m so grateful for the recipe inspiration and ideas for portable snackage. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of creativity to make on-the-go nutrient density a thing of reality! And for those of you less creatively inclined, Paleo To Go does all the work for you. 
After hearing all about the fabulous-utility of owning a portable e-book packed with portable snack/lunch ideas, you may be more inspired than ever to start transitioning to a real food approach. In that case, you can schedule a consult with me (or look into my 3 day real food makeover). Also, Stacey & Matt have a fabulous book called Three Phase Paleo which helps non-real-foodies make the transition to a real food diet easy peasy.
 You can check out how obsessed I am with that book on my blog as well :)
And you can also purchase both of these awesome, portable e-books as a bundle … just in case you’re trying to transition to a real food approach while commuting like a maniac or packing family lunches!. I bet both scenarios are more common than not in our busy world!
Let me know if you enjoy the e-book :) I’ve found it to be a total time saver!

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