Kari Gormley of The Running Lifestyle Show’s Take on Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit

A few weeks ago Kari (of The Running Lifestyle Show Podcast AKA BEST PODCAST EVER!)  and I delved into the gnitty-gritty experience of foregoing added sugars and a carb laden diet for one that is more balanced, emphasized nutrient density and anti-inflammatory fats. Since none of you will believe my take on it, since, duh the dietitian isn’t going to complain about following the guidelines for a healthy diet… getting my dear friend’s take on the program was awesome.


Those of you who listen to TRLS know that Kari KEEPS IT REAL. If she didn’t like the program, wasn’t finding success with it or  was confused…umm, then I’d know :) That’s the beautiful thing about Kari, she knows that its an amazing thing to give feedback because at TRLS we know feedback isn’t failure.

You can check out the interview here, starting at 43 minutes! 

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Shake yo'


Shake yo’ sugar habit challenge is not a low carb program  but rather helps you:

  • Reconsider food choices & look at portion sizes
  • Helps you learn how to choose fat and carb in appropriate amount
  • Provides long term lessons & takeaways (example. how to choose which fats are healthy)
  • Limits food choices which helps prevent overeating!
  • Its not meant to be a weight loss program, however some do have the benefit of weight loss!

Kari discusses her experience with the program:

  • Kari got headaches in beginning of challenge (which is a sign of withdrawal & goes away after a few days)
  • Kari says she has more energy and feels more in control of her food choices!
  • Kari has been drinking smoothies with frozen strawberries, almond milk, and avocado, chia or hemp seeds, and unsweetened, shredded coconut. She also has been enjoying adding tangerines to breakfast
  • For those who are fueling long runs, choosing coconut water with salt can be a great way to replete electrolyte and give some extra energy to fuel your run.
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