Real Food Snacks to Reduce Inflammation this Summer

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

You guys. You have NO idea how HAPPY I am that its summer.

Its summer. I live in the most beautiful borough of NYC (#brooklynbae), an hour away from my beloved Jerzzz, and its hot AF outside (just the way I like it).

And. I’m not injured!

While the spring running season was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me after PR’ing in the Eileen Dugan 5k on April 16th with a time of 19min 56sec (my 5k P.R) and running my second fastest half marathon ever of 1:30.16 at the Jersey Shore Half Marathon on May 1, I closed the season with a disappointing race of 1:35.13. Womp womp. It was hot, humid and I just wasn’t feeling great. But ya know what- it happens. I’m a human just like everyone else.

One thing I did totally LOVE about this year’s race season was that I was totally #fueledbytaters. I’ve given up Honey Stingers (which gave me gastric distress like a mofo #TMI #youknowithappenstoyoutoo) and moved onto using my own secret, real food based fueling strategy using sweet potatoes & a few other secret ingredients. Gastric-distress-be-gone.

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Since we are talking about running, summer weather and real food- let’s talk about some awesome, super-duper-easy-peasy snacks you can make to refuel, lessen inflammation & keep that summer body slim, yo’.


Okay. So not the kind you buy at the supermarket, but the recipe is easy enough. Simply blend an avocado, a very ripe banana and undutched, unprocessed cocoa powder. You can eat this as pudding or freeze it into fudgesicles. AND ITS CHOCOLATEY AND DELISH.

Avocado is amazing because its high in alpha-linolenic acid which is an omega-3 fatty acid and powerful anti-inflammatory fat. Besides that, avocado is rich in potassium (an electrolyte lost when you’re sweating this summer) and two of the diet’s most powerful antioxidants; vitamin C and vitamin E.


Get out that food processor again. This is my favorite thing right now. Like. OBSESH status.

Blend ginger, water (or carbonated water), Bragg’s apple cider vinegar with ice cubes. Add a little stevia, monkfruit or honey for sweetness and ENJOY. Its the most refreshing drink I’ve ever tasted. I’m totally obsessed.

Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory due to its gingerol compounds. Whether you’re nursing a true blue injury or are just trying to reduce inflammation after a hard workout, ginger is truly a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Beach Nosh Mix

This is the perfect snack to throw in a bag and bring to the beach. Simply mix freeze dried fruit (berries are best if you’re trying to reduce sugar in a bag with unsweetened coconut chips. Portable and crunchy, this snack lends awesome convenience to the athlete-on-the-go.

Coconut is rich in medium chain triglycerides, a type of fat that does not require the lymphatic system for absorption, but rather goes straight to ‘dat bloodstream. Medium chain triglyceride intake has been associated with improving insulin sensitivity– which helps keep blood sugar at a healthy level. Healthy blood sugar levels equals a less inflamed bod. (But you guys have listened to enough episodes of The Running Lifestyle Show to know that!)

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