Bo Po Po, Yo! (Body Positivity Police, Yo!)


A few weeks ago I started sassin’ the pants off of all my Periscope followers when I brought up body positivity.

Haiiii guys– I’m Serena Marie RD, and I’ve officially undertaken the job of BoPoPo, yo. (for those of you who are not seasoned in silly-Serena-speak that’s Body Positivity Police…yo.)

Guys. We have a surrious problem. There needs to be a whole lot more self-love and self-respect going on if we plan on engaging in a lifetime of healthy behaviors. Because punishment, restriction, self-loathing; why oh why would I want to condemn my clients and my followers to a lifetime of that!?!?

I simply cannot understand how the very same men & women who are obsessed with nurturing their body with healthy food, endorphin high & meditation are also obsessed with negativity, self-criticism & fat shaming. I’ve read the studies; I get it… this isn’t a YOU-problem, its a societal problem. Research clearly shows that those with a higher BMI tend to internalize stereotypes and stigma associated with a certain body type.

I just want you guys to LISTEN to yourselves. Would you ever ever ever in a bajillion-zillion years let someone speak to your child (or your niece, your best friend’s baby, whatevs) with the same deliberate-menace that you are using to judge your self. YOU. The SELF that belongs to YOU- no one but you! Truly, every time you type “I’m lumpy LOL” you are giving permission to the world to judge you just a little bit, and that permission then leads to you further embracing that own perception…as false as it may be.

I need you, I beg you, I plead with you to focus on your body for its incredible accomplishments. You ran a race. You picked up all those heavy groceries.  That you bore a child. You shoveled the driveway. You gave a presenation in front of your company’s biggest bosses. You’re having da best hair day. Whatever. You’re freaking awesome.

The thing is, when we truly commit to this TRUTH– that you’re da bomb dot com — no one’s negative comments can affect us. This is powerful. Its truly a superpower.

How many times have you been having an amazing day (or even just a perfectly status quo day) until you allow someone else’s negative comments or energy to ruin your mood? Why are we giving away our power? Why are we


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