Serena Marie RD’s Perfect Race

Recently, Cara from EventBrite reached out to me with a really fun idea for a blog post– what makes or breaks a race for Serena Marie RD! I thought this would be a fun topic to hash out, and while some of my ideas for THE BEST RACE EVER are nothing short of ludicrous, I swear there’s some golden nuggets in here too for those of you who are maybe trying to figure out how to choose your next race!

Sooo… if Serena Marie RD was running the show, what kinda event would we be running?

First of all, I love me some half marathons, so the SMRD race would definitey be 13.1 miles. I’ve run a lot of half marathons in my day, but there’s something truly calming and beautiful about running along the water. The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon is one of my favorites for that reason, although I also LOVE ending the AirBnB Brooklyn Half Marathon on the beaches of Coney Island!

Kari, from The Running Lifestyle Show, and I at the Chicago Marathon expo!

That said, flat and fast is equally as important… that was half the reason I LOVED the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. The course was flat as a pancake and immersed in shade from the towering city buildings. LOVE.

Okay. Are you ready for a totally out-of-this-world dream request that SMRD would totes want for a half marathon?! How about JACUZZIS at the end so you could hang out with fellow runners, warm up your tired legs & swim!? I’m usually FUH-REEZING at the end of races, and I can’t even imagine how fun it would be to jump in a jacuzzi post-race (albeit… it would also be really nasty since we’d all be super sweaty and gross) & hang out. I know. I know! That’s a totally irrational request– so how about a huge beach party where everyone frolicks in the ocean together. Any takers?!

Okay… back to reality. A good race also has to have a great cause. That’s another reason I LOVE the Novo Nordisk NJ Half & Full Marathon… it raises awareness around diabetes; and as a registered dietitian I know just how serious the consequences of diabetes can be. And while that may not be the most fun of topics, its a discussion that needs to be had and acknowledged.

Kari and I hanging out with Deena Kastor like its NBD.

Now… I totally will admit that my favorite race of all time remains the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon but really only because I ran a 1:29.05 at that race (my PR!). So since a PR really shouldn’t be the crowning reason you love a race; let’s talk about how important music is in making or breaking your running-spirit! During the ING NYC Marathon this past fall, I was dyingggg the way only a fellow-marathoner would understand…ya know, that slow agonizing death of “WHY THE HECK AM I DOING THIS WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME”… but ya know what made it A LOT better? All the live music on the course! The stark contrasts of live bands between boroughs was SO fun and cool that even my dying-marathon-brain could enjoy it! Live music is a MUST at a SMRD-fave-race!

Anyway guys, if you are able to create a race where I can jump in a jacuzzi after I PR the ‘ish outta that baby while listening to a live band; then ya gotta head to EventBrite and create an event!

I am not being compensated for this post by Event Brite– its just a fun little exercise in creativity. Who doesn’t love to play pretend?

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