Tuna Two Ways: Two Ways to Take Tuna Fish Up a Notch!

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Last week I talked all about how switching up your menu is so important to keep meals exciting…and prevent your mind kind of wondering what the heck everyone else is eating!! I know that I’m particularly susceptible to snacking on bagels or pizza at work when I am bored of the lunch I packed.

You guys can get the recipe for the “Italian” version of my tuna salad here. The yummy Asian version was a special recipe JUST for my email subscribers… so if you’re not subscribed to my email list…then ya missed out! What are you doing with your life?! Subscribe. Duh.

Besides cookin’ in da kitchen, we talk all about how tuna & avocado are incredibly powerful foods to help you slim down for summer!! Avocado and tuna each contain special properties that blast belly fat…you need these REAL FOODS in yo’ life, stat![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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