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shrimp pad thai
Real Food Pad Thai Recipe

If there's one thing ya gotta know about this gal, its that I freakin' love Asian cuisine. I mean, I love the fancy healthy stuff like seaweed salad & grilled squid and sashimi...

SMRD’s Summer Lentil Salad

Guys. I moved. Holy guacamole on a piece of sprouted bread. Moving is a BEAST. Pack your stuff, unpack your stuff, organize your stuff, clean your new apartment, clean your old apartment, set up utilities...

Kicking Hormones in da Boo-tay

Let's get something straight. Food is a love letter. Or a hate letter. When you're restricting calories and providing your body with vitamin and mineral void food products, its kind of like writing: Dear Bod, I don't like...

Serena Marie RD’s Perfect Race

Recently, Cara from EventBrite reached out to me with a really fun idea for a blog post-- what makes or breaks a race for Serena Marie RD! I thought this would be a fun topic to...

Bo Po Po, Yo! (Body Positivity Police, Yo!)

  A few weeks ago I started sassin' the pants off of all my Periscope followers when I brought up body positivity. Haiiii guys-- I'm Serena Marie RD, and I've officially undertaken the job of BoPoPo, yo. (for...

Three Keys to Healthier Family Meal Time

On the March 24 episode of The Running Lifestyle Show, Kari & I get real deep about the beauty of life and living life to the fullest. And in the mumbo jumbo of our existential...