When it comes to nutrition…Maybe you’re clueless. Maybe you need help separating fact from fiction? Or maybe you just need someone to hold you accountable! Luckily, you have a RD on your side. My approach to counseling is team oriented, meaning you and I will be working as a team to ensure nutrition goals are not only achievable, but attainable, for you.

Prior to your apartment, I will ask for you to fill out a three day intake form so I can get a better idea of your current diet. Be honest! There’s never any judgement between friends! :)

During your first one hour assessment, we will review your personal background including previous attempts at dieting, current dietary preferences/restrictions, weight history, goals, and any medical issues which may be important to address. Of course, we will also discuss food (the best part!).

Included in your one hour assessment is a clear-cut outline of the guidelines to follow to optimize weight loss or to optimize overall health (although, on your first meeting, you may not be ready yet to make ALL the changes dictated in the outline!); a list of specific foods acceptable & the suggested amount eaten daily; a sample meal plan; and all the moral support you could ever hope for! Can you imagine all that, while you’re sitting in the leisure of your own home in your PJs?! Sounds like a very productive day!

Follow-up visits are generally 30 minutes, and are a great way for us to reconnect, keep you accountable, and to ensure your personalized nutrition plan is working for you. Plus, we get to make new goals, since I know you’ll have already DOMINATED the ones made in previous meet-ups!

Please email me for scheduling. Click “Pay for Services” under the “Hire Serena Marie RD” tab for details on pricing.