Real Food Fuel (& Why it Matters) for the REAL Food Athlete

  • Learn how running causes damage to your cells & how to heal from the damage
  • Learn the most scientifically valid way to calculate how many calories you burn daily
  • Learn how to calculate your ‘carb sweet spot’ or how many grams of carbohydrate you should eat daily to fuel performance versus fat loss
  • Learn how to calculate how many grams of protein you should aim for daily
  • Learn which sources of fat are healthiest & how many grams to eat daily
  • A review of carb timing for athletes who are focused on fat loss versus athletic performance
  • Caffeine recommendations for those who want to use coffee, tea or espresso as an ergogenic aid
  • General recommendations (fuel timing, supplements) for athletes who are focused on fat loss versus performance
  • Recommendations for supplementation specific to women endurance athletes
  • Seven recipes to fuel using real food (click here for a free video on making real food fuel with sweet potatoes)
  • A twenty page real food guide to help you identify sources of carb, fat or protein from nutrient dense foods (as well as special attention to food sources of vitamin D, calcium, and iron)

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