Hi guys!

My name is Serena, also known as Serena Marie RD, and I am a registered dietitian with a passion for using real food to help get people real healthy.


But what the heck is a registered dietitian (RD) anyway? RD is a fancy-schmancy credential that indicates that I have a four year degree in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University followed by an additional year of training at the prestigious Yale New Haven Hospital. Basically (not to brag or anything), I know my stuff!


Besides an obsession with science, I am equally as obsessed with food. Food, food, food- my clients use real, nutrient dense food to heal, lose weight, and optimize health. And, guess what? To teach food, ya gotta’ do a whole lotta’ cooking and eating—yes, please! For that reason, nothing makes me happier than a couple hours in the grocery store, messing around in the kitchen and eating a delicious meal.

Okay, now that we know what a RD is- what am I talking about with all this REAL food nonsense? Well, my friends, when I say real food I mean food that has always been food… and food that is made from ingredients that have always been ingredients. The food your body has evolved to expect.

But now you’re getting me all worked up!

When I’m not being a nutrition nerd, I’m running, writing, or podcasting at The Running Lifestyle Show. I totally love to run—5ks, half marathons, marathons… I love being outside and I love cherishing the absolutely amazing feats the human body can accomplish.

And most of all, I love cherishing how I achieved incredible energy and a strong body with my blog posts, recipes, and podcast episodes.

You see, before I had real food… I had calorie counting and obsessive eating habits. I skipped meals, used caffeine to suppress hunger, and ran for the sake of burning calories rather than for the love of the sport. I was constantly exhausted requiring hour plus long naps and would feel irrationally hungry and irritable only an hour after eating. And, despite all the calorie restriction, I still wasn’t happy with my body composition… and my body wasn’t happy with me; evident from the fact that I went years without menstruating. I was far from underweight or overweight, but my body was clearly tired and depleted from under-nutrition.

Since switching to choosing real, whole-nutrient dense foods; a day doesn’t go by where someone does not gawk at me and ask, “Where the heck do you get all that energy?” Hanger is a rare occurrence and I can proudly say I have run four Boston Qualifying time marathons.

So, want to be a real food believer too? Then follow me, friend, to flavor and healthy foodie bliss!