trls kari and serena in chicago

The Running Lifestyle Show (TRLS) is a podcast about strategies you can implement to become a happier, healthier you…for the long run!


Host, Kari Gormley (also known as one of my most beloved sister-friends!), interviews experts weekly who share insight as to how to optimize your health, run faster, run healthier and lead a healthier, less-stressed-out existence. Plus, every week Kari invites me, TRLS’ fave real food dietitian on the show to give a low down on nutrition. Some weeks the content is runner-centric while other weeks the nutrition 411 applies to all. nutrition advice for runners and non-runners alike.


If you’re a busy-bee, listening to TRLS while you’re working out, perusing the aisles of your grocery store or driving to work is the best way to stay informed and in-the-know about all things related to health, happiness and wellness!

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